Last update: 2010-07-26

These sites are just a selection of some of the best sites i've found around. I hope you'll enjoy'em (even if some of the pages are in japanese... :(
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KuroichigoThe site contains some work and sketches of Kyo, a really great Japanese artist.
Maggi'sA great site of a great corean artist, very stylish and graceful
[NewBook]Claudio cerri's works, great style and stylish site :)
Rick-o-soundShunya Yamashita, maybe my actually preferred manga-artist. Great attention to detail, a great usage of colors... the charachters also seems alive!!!! You have to see to believe.
???The living proof that manga and erotic-realist art doesn't have to be rough, instead it can be interesting: a lot of american artists should learn...)
PLUMA very famous (also) sexy manga artist. A very polished style, a real pro.
YaminabeA good artist, with a nice style and a couple of interesting tutorials (see -making- in the gallery), something that typically you don't find around... good work!!!!
BotogaemakiI REALLY, REALLY like this site!!! Even the simpliest pieces are really very good, I definitly have to learn a lot.
LusterCloudKoji Kawahara website's: a very good author, with a very polished site (his little SD chara animated gif are SOOOO CUTE! :)
TinselBeautiful and polished japanese author, I especially like the way he colors its artworks.
???A real impressive pro, that worked on a very large amount of different stuff (card games, books, gaming magazines, etc...). A kind of artist you won't see around easily!
CamilleAmazing oriental artist, that in just a few years raised her skills in an incredible way! A lot of attention to details and a wonderful usage of colors. A must see!
NoiseRyo Nakatomi's site. This is another good illustratator.
PS: For the non-jap user, click on -tcg-.
CozypaperAn amazing site with many works from a very good artist. Small images, it's a real pity... :(
ArtplaymixThis site is a portfolio of Jason and Heather Martin, two pros that have done a lot of different works for many different customers (even Image Comics!!!). Clear lines with a lot of class.
???Aurore Demilly's works, a French girl which has a very good illustration style & site.
CowbellA jap site with the soft, pastel-like works of a Genius.
Maruto!Maruto, another jap genius. Some of his works are too much hentai-like, but the attention to details is incredible and the very clear style let his illustrations skip over thrash hentai.
SuzuhitoSuzuhito Yasuda's web site. Not only the illustrations are amazing, but the site is also designed in an incredible way. Don't miss it!
AtticAgain, big breasts but with an impressionist style that i appreciate a lot.
Pluto'sA dark artist, with an amazing and very plastic sense of color. Impressive.
StrananetA good site dedicated mainly to mobile phones (only available in italian). I've designed his (old) banner.

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