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2010-07-26: Long time no see... you wanted a golf illustration right? Well, here it is, from Microforum's Enjoy your massage!, from 9th August on your Wii console!

2009-11-09: Another fan-art of Darkstalkers, for the same contest. Now it's time for Felicia and Sasquatch!

2009-03-14: A fan-art of Darkstalkers that was made for a contest: join the Q-Bee army!

2009-03-07: And for the next image, it seems you want to see something sexy about Golf (1328). Ok, let's do it then! The other preferences: Volleyball (1311), Soccer (1274), Swimming (1150), Tennis (1124). Please continue voting to see what's next!

2008-12-29: The sexy Phoenix is back - don't get too close or you'll be burned!

2008-10-26: The fifth poll finally ended too.
Here we go: Jean Gray (2050), Mystique (2038), Storm (2038), Rogue (1996)
Hmmm... it seems that The Phoenix is going to resurrect again :)

2008-10-16: It wasn't a request, but I've just made a Nana fan-art.

2008-08-15: Another fan-art request done: you wanted Soi Fon, but due to the huge amount of preferences Yoruichi took, you'll find both here :)
However, due to the result, Soi Fon wins (or seems so).
Starting from now, you'll also find the widescreen version of my wallpapers. Enjoy :)

2008-07-23: Ok, now or something special: due to a special Microforum experiment, for a few weeks you'll be able to download for free a game of mine for your mobile phone (check out the left menu bar). It is Arcade Sidegolf: have fun!

2008-06-01: The fourth poll too is finished. I want to thank you all for the huge amount of votes for such an humble site like this.
Really thank you!
These are the results: Soi Fong (1435), Rangiku Matsumoto (1419), Yoruichi (1407), Orihime Inoue (1398), Kukaku Shiba (1368).

2008-05-29: After a very long time (damn WoW :), I'm back, and I'm taking along with me what you asked a few months ago: enjoy Aeris :)

2008-02-10: The third poll too is ended, my next fan-art image is going to be Aeris (Final Fantasy VII) (782)
(other votes: Nariko (Heavenly Sword) (774), Rayne (Bloodrayne) (770), Lili (Tekken) (761), Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) (757), Kasumi (Dead or Alive) (757)). It have been really close, just 25 votes of difference between the first and the last!

2008-02-07: Here's your super-sexy car, grab the keys and go!

2007-11-13: You wanted, here it is - Strider fanart

2007-10-06: Second poll is ended (after many months... :), my next fan-art image is going to be Strider Hiryu (683)
(other votes: Dirk - Dragon's Lair (642), Rick - Splatter House (581), Chun Li - Street Fighter (648)).

2007-09-29: A little tribute to all the secretaries out there.

2007-05-05: My latest original image, inspired by a butterfly monarch

2007-02-24: You wanted it, and finally here it is: my fan-art drawing of Alucard from Castlevania. Anyone remembers the sexy succubus from inside the game?

2007-02-12: Three games are added to the Games section.

2006-12-31: After a very long time I'm back, now with an image sexy wrestling

2006-12-30: First poll is finally ended, my next fan-art image is going to be Alucard (317)
(other votes: Dizzy (296), Cloud (283), Chii (280), Lamů (280)).

2006-11-01: Thank you everybody for the 120k hits goal!!! :)

2006-10-23: Poll system online: let me know what you want to see next!

2006-10-14: I'd like to get stuck in the same library too... :)

2006-09-09: I-no sexy fan art image (look at the wallpaper, it is better: )

2006-08-19: Another fan-art sexy drawing, a little bit more realistic. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy Rei and Asuka :)

2006-08-17: Migrating site's code from ASP to PHP

2006-08-02: I love sexy tube dresses :)

2006-07-22: Small update to the links section.

2006-07-21: Long time no see! However... which breast size do you prefer? Check it out

2006-04-06: Don't steal the cake, or your mother (sister?) will get angry...

2006-02-26: A little San Valentine gift for my girl friend :)

2006-02-15: Another fan-art image, this time about the sexy Motoko Kusanagi

2006-01-07: A Mai Shiranui sexy image added in the fan-art section

2006-01-01: 12.000 hits reached!!! Thank you!

2005-12-28: Huge site reskinning, plus three new images online ( Morrigan and Lilith from Darkstalkers, Eriko, Geisha).

2005-10-26: Some must-see entries added to the links section.

2005-10-16: The Wallpapers section is online, download your favourites wallpapers!

2005-10-8: Three games are added to the Games section.


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